Sarah Dunant

Why the Borgias?

Is there a family in history more dazzling, dangerous and notorious than the Borgias?

A powerhouse of the Italian Renaissance, the very name Borgia epitomises the ruthless behaviour and sexual corruption of the Papacy.

The father, Pope Alexander VI, a consummate politician and a man with a voracious appetite both for politics and women.

His eldest son Cesare, a dazzlingly cold intelligence with an even colder soul, whose military zeal is immortalised in Machiavelli’s The Prince.

The younger Juan, womanizer and thug, who brings destruction down on his own head.

And their lovely sister, Lucrezia, whose very name has become a byword for poison, incest and intrigue.

But how much of the history about this remarkable family is actually true, and how much distorted, filtered through the age old mechanisms of political spin, propaganda and gossip?

What if the truth, the real history, is even more challenging?

“Blood & Beauty: The Borgias” an epic novel which sets out to capture the scope, the detail, the depth, the colour and the complexity of this utterly fascinating family.

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  1. Judy Burgere says:

    Your Blood and Beauty was the best written book I’ve ever read. Your use of language and phrasing is unparalled and I have read more than a few books. Can’t wait to get your earlier books. Thanks so much for enriching people’s lives.

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